A couple of years ago, I met Ron Kusiak at Courage Center where he was the recipient of the Judd Jacobsen Award. The award is given out in memory of my wife’s late uncle who was a quadriplegic as the result of a diving accident as a teenager, and later went on to become a successful broadcaster and entrepreneur. The award is given out annually to a disabled person that shows that same entrepreneurial spirit. Ron was paralyzed in a hunting accident a few years back and continues to run a successful farming operation near Marshfield, WI. A few weeks ago, I called Ron and asked if I could come over and spend a couple of days following him around and photographing him. Although paralyzed from the waist down, he feeds the cows, cleans the stalls and LOVES to drive his tractor. He even took me out on his 4 wheeler back into the spectacular wooded acres he stills hunts every season. What an inspiring and terrific guy. And, like any good sconny, he likes his Packers and a cold beer. Thanks Ron for the tour and the beer. It was an honor.


Photographer: Jim Henderson