My pal, Jill Palmquist, asked me to design and art direct a direct mail piece she was working on targeted at women for LifeTime Training. She also had another piece that designer Katherine Lamm was art directing for LifeTime Spa that needed some new images. We spent one day in studio shooting portraits of babies, girls and women that we cast from LifeTime employees (and one woman Jill Facebook stalked until she agreed to do it) for the Training piece, and a second day shooting the spa images with fashion models. Still with me? Anyway, after the shoot, the folks at LifeTime decided they wanted us to use the images to make a :60 video instead. Ok, no problem. Jill and I worked with the team at Crash & Sues on the video and it all turned out pretty cool. The world of Jill works in mysterious ways. 


Photographer: Jim Henderson 

Creative Director/Writer: Jill Palmquist

Art Director: Emily Ray

Art Director: Katherine Lamm

Senior Integrated Producer: Amy Demarest

Director of Project Operations: Kat Dalager

Producer: Conor Callahan

Photo Assistant: Duane Lage

Hair/Makeup: Robb Kelly

Stylist: Jamie Henderson 

Agency: Life Time Fitness