Following up on our success with a Wolverine shoot last fall, the MW team again gave us the assignment of shooting more images- highlighting factory workers this time- wearing Wolverine boots and clothes. We shot at a great looking factory I had used a couple of years earlier on a 3M job in New Prague, MN. Cool looking interiors of grease, metal and big machines. Again, we used mostly actual workers doing what they do and shot on a Saturday so we would have run of the place. I Spent most of the day crawling around on a greasy factory floor. Can't beat that! 


Photographer: Jim Henderson 

Producer: Conor Callahan

Group CD: Steve Casey

Art Director: Cameron High

VP/Director of Production: Stan Prinsen

Sr Producer: Heather McQueen

Wolverine Marketing director: Kelly Redinger

Photo Assistants: Duane Lage, Mike Handley

Agency: Martin Williams