Cuba images win Silver at The Show

A series of images I took in Cuba won the silver award in photography at the Minneapolis Ad Fed Advertising Award Show March 3. The images were from a 5 day trip I took last May to Havana and the countryside west of Havana. Amazing place. Put it on your list to see.

Grain Miller's /The Thorburn Group

In early November my team and I traveled with TTG Art Director Sara Janssen and Account Director Collette Litzinger to Grain Miller's home operation in St. Ansgar, Iowa for 2 days. We shot in and around their enormous grain processing facility as well as a late afternoon farm location with an employee and his family just outside of town. We pretty much made it up as we went and covered a lot of cool stuff. Hats off to the entire Grain Miller's team and especially client Steve Mortimer for being flexible and for runnin' and gunnin' with us to make it happen. It was a blast!

Photographer: Jim Henderson

Assistants: Duane Lage and Jules Ameel

Stylist: Sarah Jean Shervin

Art director: Sara Janssen

Account Manager: Collette Litzinger

Grain Miller's client: Steve Mortimer

Oregon still and motion shoot for Thor Industries

This fall, we completed a large still and motion project for Minneapolis agency New Normal and client Thor Industries, the parent company for several major rv and camper brands including Airstream. My producer and myself found all of the locations and talent on an earlier scouting trip criss-crossing the state. For the actual shoot, we shot for 5 days on the road–from the gorgeous coast to the lush Willamette Forest and on to the desert that lies just east–capturing imagery of the the rv lifestyle and the spectacular places it can take you. We shot literally thousands of still images and over 20 hours of footage to cut the web videos from. Oregon is amazingly beautiful and is an extremely film-friendly place to work in. Can't wait to go back again!

Photographer/Director: Jim Henderson

Creative director: Julie Kucinski, Bryan Michurski

Producer: Conor Callahan

Agency Producer: Mark Riddle

DPs: Alex Horner, Jules Ameel

Drone DP: Micah Kvidt

Wardrobe/stylist: Susan Calvit

Editor: Steve Shepherd/Spotnik

Colorist: Oscar Oboza/Nice Shoes



Wakefield Pork/Blair Branding

In August, I traveled with Art Director Pam McFerrin and Account Manager Jackie Blair for a 2 day shoot at Wakefield's operations near Gaylord, MN. We shot workers inside the operations as well as capturing farm lifestyle imagery around the area to be used for their new website update and other promotional materials. Beautiful country side and great people. 

21st Century/FLM+

Traveling with Art Director Will Pike from FLM+, we made a 4 day road trip through northern Colorado into Wyoming and Nebraska and ending up in Denver. We were shooting real farm families along the route for client 21st Century Equipment for use in web and collateral pieces. Will and I go back a long way and it's always fun collaborating with him. We had a great time photographing these folks and were very fortunate to dodge some of the nastiest tornados of the season. 

Photographer: Jim Henderson

Art Director: Will Pike

Art Buyer: Reuben Singer

Client: 21st Century

Agency: FLM+